My favorite books!

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For Overall Health: The anti-inflammatory diet & action plans to heal the immune system and overall health by Dorothy Calimeris and Sodni Bruner

This is an easy read book that explains the medical side of inflammation and how it affects your body. It follows the healing from the inside out theory.

Cookbook: True Food by Andrew Weil

I love Dr. Weil almost as much as I love True Food Kitchen. (They just opened one in Boca Raton- It’s amazing). While I don’t agree with some of his methods, such as high high doses of vitamin C daily, I do agree with clean eating, super foods and minerals. This book incorporates all these principles and with modern, easy, recipes.

I’ll call this “should’ve been a movie” book: Gene by Richard Bobe MD

I love love love this book! I have read it half a dozen times and I hope that one day a producer finds this gem and makes it a movie! It’s an intriguing page turner that will keep you up reading well past your bedtime.

Medical: The Man who Mistook his Wife for a Hat by Oliver Sacks

I read this book in college for my physiological psychology class- that I eventually became a TA for and taught this book for 7 semesters- so I know it inside and out. This is my number one recommendation for all the pre-medical professionals out there and students. This book will open your eyes to some rare disorders that are incredibly interesting and unique.

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