The Best Way to Prevent Aging is to Start in Your 20’s & 30’s

Many young women don’t realize the importance of skincare.

When we’re young we mostly focus onpreventing the occasional breakout, covering up the dark circles under our eyesfrom lack of sleep and not looking pale. Unfortunately, the consequences ofneglecting our skin at this age are harsh!  As a medical provider I seeclients of all ages, races and a variety of skin complaints. The number onecomplaint is always age related. In older generations sunscreen wasn’t used,sunbathing was glorified and skincare products didn’t exist. The hardest thingto do as a provider is reverse the signs of aging. Prevention is so criticaland can have such a large long term impact that I can’t stress it enough to myyounger clientele.

Weall know we’re supposed to wear sunscreen and not smoke, but there is so muchmore to skin care especially when preventing signs of aging. Here’s my list:

Don’t neglect your neck and chest.
The neck and chest age quicker than your face. The skin on your chest is very thin and it’s takes on pigmentation easily. Count the freckles you have on your chest and multiply that number by 10, that’s about how many sun damaged areas you have that will show up when you’re older as of right now. You have to apply sunscreen with helioplex to this area daily and multiple times if you’re at the beach or exercising outdoors. There are very few treatments that can erase the lines on the chest and the sun spots. You can’t botox or use filler to fix these lines, once they’re there they’re permanent! Your neck is also thin skin and the skin is constantly being stretched by your movements. If you want the skin to stay tight start using a neck cream like <a href="http://""“>Nectifirm.

Start using a Retinoid cream.
Retional creams have powerful anti-aging properties. They force your skin to constantly regenerate a new fresh layer, leaving you with radiant skin. They can even help treat adult acne and reduce fine lines. There are several options available over the counter or see your provider for a prescription version. They’ll make your skin more photosensitive so you’ll have to wear sunscreen with helioplex during the day. I recommend SkinCeuticals Retinol Cream

Preventative Botox. I realize that many people are hesitant about Botox or think they don’t need it, however Botox is not just for the correction of wrinkles and lines but also to prevent them. Look at the lines on your forehead when you raise your eyebrows. You’ve been creasing those lines for 20-30 years and at some point it will be 50 years! There comes a point where Botox will no longer help reduce that line. The line will be permanently etched into your skin due to the loss of collagen in the skin from the constant creasing. Getting Botox while the lines are mild, paralyzes the skin temporarily so it has a chance to regrow collagen exactly where it was previously creasing. In addition, if you have a Botox treatment every 4-6 months at this age you will need less and less of it as you get older. That will save you a lot of money and you will be getting carded for wine well into your 40’s!

MOISTURIZE, MOISTURIZE, MOISTURIZE! My younger clients always laugh when I suggest they use a night cream. They think night cream is something from the 1950’s that’s sold on QVC or door to door by Mary Kay reps. If you have dull skin, dry skin, wear foundation or you use acne creams you need a non-comedogenic (doesn’t clog pores) night cream. My favorite is <a href="http://""“>Neutrogena deep moisture night cream. Put it on immediately after the shower, put some on your neck and chest and I like to put some on my legs because they get dry after shaving, but that’s another article.

Wash your face in the shower and stop using towelettes. Whether it’s a cleanser or an acne wash, it’s best to use it while in the shower to ensure no residue is left on your face. Residue from soap leads to bacteria and fungus growth which leads to more acne and build-up of dead skin cells. Towelettes basically spread the dirt and bacteria on your face to different areas. Although they’re convenient they have to go! I suggest trying exfoliant cleaners with medicated beads such as <a href="http://""“>Neutrogena Grapefruit Face Wash or the Fresh Star line by Dermaologica (available in my office)

Genetics. Take a look at mom and dad. How is their skin? Do they have a lot of wrinkles, sun damage? Is their skin hanging? We can learn about how our skin will age from our parents. If you’re the spitting image of mom you better believe you’ll have her jowls too. How do you prevent sagging skin? Maintain an effective skin care regimen, avoid smoking, sun exposure, keep the skin tight with PRP facials to boost the collagen, sleep on your back and avoid excessive weight gain.

Start sleeping on your back. Often people have asymmetries in their face. You can prevent an exaggerated flattening on your cheek and drooping on one side by sleeping on your back. You can also prevent wrinkles. This rule also applies to leaning on your hands which stretches your face and repetitively touching or rubbing your face.

Prevent acne before it leaves a scar. Medicated masks and cleansers are important. Another pertinent factor at this age is pregnancy acne. It’s safe to have Lactic acid chemical peels during certain trimesters of your pregnancy. They can help treat the acne and reduce scarring. Remember with everything regarding skin it’s much easier to prevent than to repair. The <a href="http://""“>Peter Roth Sulfur Mask is great for acne prone skin and for spot treatments!

What do I do if I already have fine lines, sun spots, acne scars or losing youthful volume in my face? Your custom treatment plan would be based off the depth of damage you already have. In most cases we clear the sun spots first and then start a series of Platelet Rich Plasma facials (vampire facial). This quick, painless procedure is as effective as most lasers and is the only procedure with only 1 day downtime that can actually reverse the signs of aging. There are no injections involved and post procedure redness usually resolves overnight. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) facials, also known as collagen induction therapy provokes your body to rebuild the collagen in your skin for a more youthful skin texture and glow, while reducing fine lines and acne scars. In combination with a skin care regimen you should be able to regenerate new radiant skin and maintain it.

In my practice we offer free consultations so that the clients have an opportunity to discuss all their concerns, explain what’s available to them and realistic expectations. We create custom plans for each client and can even design them around a specific date (for example a wedding). We carry a variety of skin care products in the office and have the ability to order or prescribe whatever you may need. Packages are available for multiple skin treatments and combination therapies.

Now is the time to start preventing aging!!

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