Spring Cleaning: Tackle Your Closet!

Spring Cleaning: Tackle Your Closet.

It’s a new season which means that it’s time to re-organize your closet! Although it may seem like a daunting task, if you keep the below tips in mind, you should have a sparkling new closet in no time. Here are 4 ways to tackle your closet for spring.

1)        Thin it out.

If you haven’t purged your closet in a while, it may now appear to be bursting at the seams. The most important part of spring cleaning is thinning your closet out and getting rid of what you no longer use. A great way to do this is to ask yourself when last you’ve worn the item, if it still fits and if you still like it. In doing so, you may just discover hidden gems that you forgot were there! Goodbye ugly, ill-fitting sweaters and hello pretty springtime dresses and tops!

2) Clean.

The next step is to give your closet a good once-over clean. After you have taken everything out, give it a good dust and wipe all surfaces down with a gentle detergent. Your killer heels, favorite t-shirts and pants will look great displayed in a clean closet!

3) Organize.

Now is the time to re-assess the arrangement of your closet. It may involve investing in some more hangars and some useful storage bins for odd items (such as socks, underwear and scarves). Make sure that you hang up as much as possible as this reduces the amount of wrinkles that occur. A shoe tree or shelf is also a brilliant way to display your shoes neatly and conveniently. If your closet is on the small side, consider using the back of the door for additional storage.

4) Fill ‘er up.

Once you have a good system for storing all your garments, you can begin to fill your closet up again. Be sure to place the items you use regularly (eg. work suits, favorite dresses and shirts) within easy reach and store items you don’t wear regularly toward the back of the closet. For instance, since the weather is now warmer, you would pack your winter coats, hats and gloves on one of the top shelves.