Amazon Fashion: Where do I begin?!

I have mixed feelings about clothing from Amazon and it’s because it really depends on the vendor!

Pro:Good deals on basics

Con: Copycat items are usually bad

Often I see products that are a copycat of an item we have in the boutique or of a designer piece. I usually say steer clear of these items. A copy is never the original! However, you can catch some great deals on basic cotton basic pieces to round out your closet.

Pro: Occasionally Prime Shipping

Con: Sometimes required to pay return international shipping

Among my concerns is the shipping time and return international shipping that often applies to specific vendors. This issue requires some trial and error as well as reading reviews to avoid it. I recently purchased multiple nursing maternity tops hoping to find something lightweight and comfortable. When it comes to maternity clothes you never really know your size until you try it on. There are very large ranges between brands and the reviews are often inaccurate. I was really disappointed that I was unable to return the stops that didn’t fit without paying international fees. Had Amazon listed this requirement or notified me in any way I wouldn’t have purchased them.

Pro: Pricing

Con: You get what you pay for

The average price of clothing on Amazon is $24. That’s a very affordable price point for most people. However, the quality varies greatly as there’s no consistency in vendors. If you find a tank top for $3, expect that the quality will be equate $1.50 because that’s usually how much it cost the wholesaler to make it.

Lastly, I want to say that I don’t look down upon Amazon fashion. I feel that you need to be selective and some trial and error is to be expected. I have personally posted a list of my fashion favorites that I have tried myself and found to be of good quality.

Shop my list here:

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  1. I’m new to the Amazon fashion scene and I definitely agree with you! You have to be super careful about which brands and items you choose to buy because it really can be hit or miss!

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