Amazon finds that you need & make great stocking stuffers!

Amazon finds! Most are under $5.

1. Microwave potato chip baking tray. You can use it to make apple chips, carrot and a lot more. $7>

2. Reusable make up remover cloths that only need water to work. 3 for $4>

3. Vegetable flower peeler. This makes dressing up food much easier! Cute gift for a hostess or chef $2>

5. Jar grips. You’ll never need help opening up a jar again! $5>

4. For the person who hates waking up earlier: A vibrating alarm clock. Also works for those that are hard or hearing. $26>

6. Purse hook $15.No one wants to put their purse on germy floors!>

7. Silicone sponges. They’re resistant to mold and bacteria build up and you can wash them in the dishwasher. Eliminates the need to buy sponges. $20 for a set of 4. >

8. Purse light $11.99. Let’s face it we all need this! >

9. Wallet Ninja. This tool is the size of a credit card but has 18 tool capabilities! Ruler, screwdriver, cell phone stand, can opener, bottle opener… and a lot more! $10.99>

10. Silicone bottle brush. Silicone is mold and bacteria resistant. $8.80>

11. Wrist rest. If you use a computer most of the day you might want to consider one of these. Helps relieve wrist fatigue when typing endlessly $7> 🖤Fancier version>

12. Palm Vegetable peeler. This peeler is more ergonomic and speeds up the peeing process $6>

13. Odor rub away bar. This is my all time favorite and I buy it for everyone! This metal bar of soap removes onion and garlic smell from your hands. One for $8 or 2 for $14>

14. Hypoallergic Make up brush cleaner $5>

15. Reusable rubber ties. Great for wrapping up wires $2.89>

16. Storage bins $2 > 🖤 $3>

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