Amsterdam in 24 hours!

Beautiful flowers at the airport I couldn’t resist! I dragged paul for a one day layover in Amsterdam on our way to Switzerland because I had always seen these whimsical, story-book like photos of the city and didn’t want to miss it. We spent the day walking through cobblestone streets and eating our way back to the hotel.
Famous Winkle 43 Apple Pie. This is a must! Yes you will sit outside in the cold for 30+ minutes, looking for a place to sit and waiting on this pie but it’s worth every minute. Fresh baked throughout the day and freshly made whipped cream have locals and tourists flocking to this 12×12 bakery. We shared this piece, it was about 5-6 inches high and 4 inches wide.

Although we didn’t travel during their famous Tulip season we did visit a tulip store. I had read that most of the bulbs they sell are a scam, they don’t grow or there’s less in the bag than stated. So we didn’t buy any but it was nice to see all the varieties available.

These house boats are all over the main canals. Each one is unique and decorated differently. As you can see in this photo they often have smaller boats attached that they use for travel and the house boat mostly stays in place all year long.

This is dam square. Lots of performers and protests in this area. It’s a great spot for people watching.

Last and not least dinner! We had the most amazing food at a tiny boutique like restaurant that we found on tripadvisor at the last minute. Pictured are the stairs to the bathroom. All the stairs in Amsterdam were like this. We don’t advise this city for elderly people or those afraid of heights. This staircase was about 25 feet long and winding.