Lake Como, Italy

Lake Como, located in Northern Italy is a large lake surrounded by small ports to very small towns. We stay in Tremezzo at The Grand Hotel Tremezzo. The service at this hotel was in the best in our entire 2 week honeymoon trip. The food was amazing both in the hotel and in the towns. My favorite meal was a $10 pizza we had just 5 blocks from our hotel. This hotel is one of a kind with several restaurants, a daily wine tasting, candy in the lobby, an outrageous breakfast buffet, a pool in the lake, a 3 floor gym, an outdoor pizza oven, spa and fabulous rooms.

There are a few hiking paths worth mentioning. There is a very small trail right on the hotel grounds that leads to a nice view of the mountains. There is another trail about 3 hours long that takes you through the domestic areas, passed farms and into a mountain to a church. If you’re taking this trail go prepared with a map, water and food. Also there is no cell service on this trail so only go if you’re physically fit and with a group of people. You” see some grapevines along the way, cows (stay away they can be dangerous) and you’ll find some local hidden restaurants.

You can take ferries to all the towns on the lakes. The town of Bellagio was our favorite and the most populated with stores and eateries. We did visit some of the other towns but I honestly wouldn’t recommend any of them.