Nordstrom Sale

Don’t get me wrong I love the Nordstrom sale! Especially the shoes! But sometimes their prices are not that cheap! I took it upon myself to find alternatives to a lot of their bestsellers this year and link them on my !

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Deals & Discounts!

My family has always teased me about my deal hunting, until it benefits them of course. I decided to turn my skill into a business!

You can now shop daily deals and discounts on anything from shoes to diapers in my Facebook group, The Modern Mom Discount!

This year I will also be offering help finding deals on the items on your holiday gift list!

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Daily Harvest

$25 off your first order

Discount code: RE-HBGVY66

Nutritional organic foods, thoughtfully sourced and flash frozen to retain vitamins and minerals. There is a large variety of combinations to choose from. Smoothies, soups, lunch bowls, oat bowls, chia bowls, snacks, lattes and flatbreads.

In each item description you can find a list of ingredients, nutritional values and holistic benefits. An example of a holistic benefit would be the anti-inflammatory properties is a soup or immunity boosting power of a smoothie.

To order you can choose from 3 plans: 9 items, 12 or 24 items delivered weekly or monthly. Everything arrives frozen with preparation instructions. You can skip orders whenever you like or cancel. You can pick the delivery date and even set up reoccurring deliveries. You can also pause your account for when you’re on vacation!

Here’s what I ordered in my first box!

  1. Ginger & Greens Smoothie
  2. Mango & Greens Smoothie
  3. Dragon fruit & Lychee Smoothie
  4. Mulberry & dragon fruit oat bowl
  5. Sweet potato & wild rice hash harvest bowl
  6. Butternut squash & chimichurri harvest bowl
  7. Beet & avocado poke harvest bowl
  8. Vanilla bean & apple chia bowl
  9. Cacao nib & vanilla bites

Amazon Fashion: Where do I begin?!

I have mixed feelings about clothing from Amazon and it’s because it really depends on the vendor!

Pro:Good deals on basics

Con: Copycat items are usually bad

Often I see products that are a copycat of an item we have in the boutique or of a designer piece. I usually say steer clear of these items. A copy is never the original! However, you can catch some great deals on basic cotton basic pieces to round out your closet.

Pro: Occasionally Prime Shipping

Con: Sometimes required to pay return international shipping

Among my concerns is the shipping time and return international shipping that often applies to specific vendors. This issue requires some trial and error as well as reading reviews to avoid it. I recently purchased multiple nursing maternity tops hoping to find something lightweight and comfortable. When it comes to maternity clothes you never really know your size until you try it on. There are very large ranges between brands and the reviews are often inaccurate. I was really disappointed that I was unable to return the stops that didn’t fit without paying international fees. Had Amazon listed this requirement or notified me in any way I wouldn’t have purchased them.

Pro: Pricing

Con: You get what you pay for

The average price of clothing on Amazon is $24. That’s a very affordable price point for most people. However, the quality varies greatly as there’s no consistency in vendors. If you find a tank top for $3, expect that the quality will be equate $1.50 because that’s usually how much it cost the wholesaler to make it.

Lastly, I want to say that I don’t look down upon Amazon fashion. I feel that you need to be selective and some trial and error is to be expected. I have personally posted a list of my fashion favorites that I have tried myself and found to be of good quality.

Shop my list here:

New obsession: Blueberry Salsa!

Throughout my pregnancy I’ve noticed significant changes in my food aversions. During this third trimester I find that I can’t look at red meat and I’m eating more fruit than ever! I still need to eat chicken, beans and turkey for protein and iron so when I found this recipe to smother them in fruit I was ecstatic!

Below is the original recipe and a second version I altered for fish.

Original Recipe: Great for tacos, chicken and protein bowls. This version is Paleo, Vegan, Whole30 and low carb

  • 2 Cups fresh blueberries
  • 1/3 Cup cilantro, fresh and finely chopped
  • 1 Lime, squeezed
  • 1 Red bell pepper, chopped
  • 1/2 Red onion, chopped
  • 1/2 tsp sea salt
  • 2 Jalapeño peppers, seeded and membrane removed, finely chopped

Recipe for fish:

  • 2 Cups fresh blueberries
  • 1/4 Cup fresh mint, finely chopped
  • 1/4 Cup fresh cilantro, finely chopped
  • 1 Lime, squeezed
  • 1/2 Red onion, chopped
  • 1 Cup watermelon, chopped (also works with mango!)
  • 1/2 tsp sea salt
  • 2 Jalapeño peppers, seeded and membrane removed, finely chopped

Baby Shower Decorations

I promised I would include links to all my decorations and favors. I also included some advice about ordering some of these items.

1. Succulent “watch me grow” attendance gift. Found these on Etsy they’re from SuccItUpSucculents. They come wrapped in plastic so make sure you get them a few days before your shower to prepare them. The sign is optional but I added it so our guests would remember where their new house plant came from.

2. Letter blocks

Got these cuties from Etsy. There were a lot to choose from but I wanted larger blocks. These are 3” x 3”. From: Punkins4Corners on

3. Safari animal balloons

I bought these on Amazon and Etsy. Tons to choose from!! We also got ‘LEO’ balloons from Party City and some accent balloons to make the arrangement look more full.

We had a jungle theme so we had a giraffe, a lion, a tiger, zebras, a monkey and an elephant.
The stuffed animals were from HomeGoods but I have seen them on Pottery Barn kids and a multitude of websites.

4. Diaper cake centerpieces

I had these customized on Etsy. They were a lot smaller than I anticipated and a little more expensive than they should’ve been for the size. Use your own discretion when purchasing. They were really cute but in reality a waste of money for overpriced diapers! They were made by LovelylittlesLLC

Fitbit sale!! Up to $50 off!

What a great way to track your activity and heart rate throughout the day! I personally wear the fitbit charge because it’s a more slender version that meets all my needs.

Follow this link to shop the sale! I am not an affiliate of this company just love the product

How to heal cracked & dry lips!

I get this question a lot so I’m giving a very quick step by step guide!

1. Stay hydrated! Make sure you’re drinking enough water (8-10 glasses a day) or more if you’re exercising, talking a lot or pregnant. Dehydration shows quickly in the delicate lip skin.

2. Exfoliate. Before you apply any lip treatments you have to remove the dead skin. I like Bliss Lip Scrub for this. You simply apply, leave it on for a few minutes, wipes with a damp cloth and run away the dead skin. This product also contains a lip conditioner to help smooth and plump the lips. You can visit my Amazon favorites to find the Bliss lip exfoliation that I use weekly myself.

3. Moisture lock. Now that you have fresh skin to work with you want to keep it healthy and moist. Apply an emollient based treatment and leave it on over night. You can use coconut oil, vaseline, shea butter or beeswax based lip treatments.

4. Maintain. The best way to maintain your fresh lips is to apply a treated coating throughout the day. Especially after eating! A lighter emollient such as jojoba oil based lip coatings can be used during the day over your lipstick.

If you notice the dry skin creeping back start the cycle again!

Nutrition and Pregnancy Apps I’m living by

I feel strongly about getting as many nutrients out of my food as possible before adding a supplement. To follow my own guidelines I had to figure out just how many calories, iron, folic acid, vitamin D etc I was getting in my regular diet. This lead to hours of research and I want to share the basics with you.

A large number of prenatal vitamins are laced with fake sugars, unnecessary additives and micronutrients with no scientific evidence of helping your fetus grow. After reviewing the research the only vitamin essential for fetal safety is Folic acid. In second place is Vitamin D and there are mixed results in the published studies. Lastly, Iron is only essential if you have confirmed Iron deficiency anemia. All the other vitamins and micronutrients you see published have no scientific evidence to back them up. Many you can get from a healthy diet.

One way to check on your diet is to see a nutritionist, ask your doctor or use an app to track your nutrient intake. No app is 100% accurate but it can give you an idea of how you’re doing. I chose the Wholesome Pro App to track my nutrients and Lose It! App to track calorie intake.

My results: I was shocked to see that I wasn’t getting enough iron or vitamin D! I had incorporated more chicken, lean beef and lentils into my diet and was sure I was absorbing enough iron. Turns out even with my new diet I was still missing about 70% of a day’s worth of iron! For vitamin D I was using a supplement so I was sure that I had enough however the intake I was getting from food was close to nothing. Turns out Vitamin D fortified orange juice has very little of your daily required dose. Vitamin D can only be found in fish and fortified products making it difficult to consume the recommended amount. I personally avoided fish due to the hidden mercury and heavy metals they carry.

What do to with your results: Make sure your OB is testing your blood frequently to measure these essential vitamins. Consider taking individualized vitamins for your deficits. You could take the full pre-natal vitamin if you can tolerate it and you’re not concerned with the extra vitamin intake. My choice to avoid pre-natals is a personal opinion. You should discuss your nutrition with your doctor to make your own informed decision. Should you decide to use a more food based method consider using these apps to help you track the nutrients rather than guessing.