Bullet points about why women should lift weights…and no you won’t look bulky!

  • Lifting weights helps you build lean muscle mass. Lean muscle mass increase the amount of calories you burn daily thus keeping your weight in line and reducing fat.
  • Women that lift weights lose more body fat than women who participate in just cardio exercises. (I don’t know anyone that doesn’t want a flat stomach)
  • Your muscles will look more toned and you won’t bulk up. Women don’t have enough testosterone in their bodies to build bulky muscle. This is a scientific fact not opinion.
  • When you lift weights you burn calories for approximately 24hours. With cardio you only burn calories for one hour following exercise.
  • Lifting weights helps maintain bone density. AKA avoid osteoporosis and osteopenia when bones become porous and brittle. You’ll be less likely to break bones. This is especially important when your older. Start lifting weights now to avoid this in your golden years.
  • Stronger muscles, especially the quads can prevent injuries. For example, keep a quad toned can prevent knee pain, stabilized the knee cap to decrease the advancement of osteoarthritis (loss of cartilage) and injuries such as patella tendonitis.